Social Isolation – A Growing Epidemic Among Seniors (Video)

Social Isolation – A Growing Epidemic Among Seniors

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According to the AARP, 51 percent of people over 75 live alone. Twenty-six percent face an increased risk of death due to subjective feeling of loneliness. More than 8 million adults age 50 and older are affected by isolation.

The problem of social isolation will become worse over time as the boomers grow older. This is a generation that has had fewer kids; many having no children. It is a generation that was adventurous and had no problem moving away from hometowns. It is a generation that married less often and gotten divorced more often. The safety net of family is less obvious for this generation as it was for their parents.

Health Advocate – How to Fight for Your Health Care – Smilecast 13

Health Advocate – Fighting for Your Health Care

It can be very frustrating as a caregiver when dealing with the care system. Only one in three physicians seeks caregiver input and one in six actually ask about your health as a caregiver. Let’s learn how to become our health advocate. It’s important. And if you can’t do it alone, there are professionals who can help you. My friend Trisha Torrey runs an organization for advocates. And she has a great blog to help you – Every Patient’s Advocate. Check her out.

A Mother’s Day Song – How Can We Thank You

Happy Mother's Day

A Mother’s Day Song

I wrote this song for my mom some 30 years ago. I think I first performed it at her 65th birthday. That’s just five years away for me! I did it at our wedding. I did it on her 80th birthday, the week of 9/11 (the most emotional performance of all) and I sung it every time I was at her senior community. I performed it this past Monday at the St. Mark’s Respite program for the first time since mom passed. I hope you enjoy it and if you do share it with others. Happy Mother’s Day mom.

Sleeping After 60 – What You Need to Know (Video)

Sleeping After 60: Getting Rest Is Different Than Earlier in Life, and Working at It Is Key

There is a wonder-working, health-promoting elixir of youth available for free—sleep. Yeah we know sleeping after 60 is hard.

It is also true that getting rest at night is one of the things that change as we age, and not necessarily for the better. Consequently, it helps to be in control of it. Your health depends on understanding the root causes why you sleep differently. The good news is that you can adapt healthy habits at any age. Yes sleeping after 60 is possible!



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