One-on-One Music Therapy Improves Dementia Symptoms – Try Concerts at Home

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Music Therapy Through One on One Concerts

Personalized music therapy may help decrease antipsychotic use and improve dementia symptoms in individuals with dementia according to a new study in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

“Results from this study offer the first evidence that the M&M [Music and Memory] individualized music therapy program may be associated with reductions in antipsychotic and anxiolytic medication use as well as improvement in behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia among nursing home residents with ADRD,” wrote first author Kali Thomas, PhD, MA, of Brown University School of Public Health, (Providence, RI), and colleagues.

The M&M program became famous in the movie Alive Inside. My custom concerts for individuals, endorsed by Teepa Snow, pretty much accomplishes the same thing. I stream live concerts over the Internet that can be viewed on smart TVs, computers, and mobile devices.

It is a one to one concert that you can gift to an older adult friend or relative. Imagine sparking very specific memories based on the songs that they choose. Then add a relaxed conversation where we can call attention to a birthday, a milestone, or anything that would make your loved one perk up. It takes the premise of the M&M music therapy program but adds to it.

  1. A home health or a hospice company identifies people that could benefit from their very own one-on-one customized concert from Anthony. Likewise, a family caregiver, child or grandchild can gift a concert to a loved one.
  2. Having given thousands of live performances in senior centers, skilled nursing, assisted living and independent living, I have a huge repertoire of songs to choose from and know how to engage seniors. Listen to me here.See me here. 
  3. Working with the person or their family, you provide an idea of the types of music or specific songs that this person would like to hear. Concerts are 30 minutes long so about 10 songs.
  4. When ready, go to: Select two 30-minute date and time options. When completing the description, tell Anthony who the concert is for, a little bit about the person, and the songs styles or specific songs you would like to hear. Anthony will schedule the concert. You will receive a confirmation with further instructions.

Way to Involve the Community and Foster Inter-generational Bonds
A staff member does not necessarily need to be the person viewing the concert with a client. Work with local schools and have students adopt home-bound elders. They can visit for an hour, watch the concert, and then talk about it.

Key Marketing Strategy

One of the best ways to spread positive word of mouth and generate referrals is to give something away. These concerts are an ideal venue for just that. You will be providing clients and their families an invaluable, thoughtful and customized experience that they will tell others about. And what a great gift for a parent or grandparent, one in which you can participate in directly.

Just ask Tom Simms, RN, CHPN, Hospice and Eldercare Consultant, “Who doesn’t like to get something for nothing?  Giving away goods or services to promote a brand and to boost sales of related products or features is a proven strategy which has been wildly successful in attracting new customers and encouraging customer loyalty for those who employ this marketing method.  The ‘Concert At Home’ concept brings much needed service to a very special customer base.”


Go here and pick your dates.

Go here if you want to hear a sample of Anthony’s singing.

Want to speak with Anthony about this directly. Contact him.

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  1. Talk about the issues before there is an issue.
  2. Look for an opening in daily life – an article or news story; something going on with a friend.
  3. Keep trying.
  4. Bring family members into this.

And if you need respite consider coming on our Caregiver Cruise January 2018.

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