God Rest St. James

I have written and spoken about the fact that my 87-year-old mother has a boyfriend. His name is Jim and I called him St. James for having the patience of a saint to put up with my mother. (I love her dearly but she can be a stubborn Italian!) Oh did I mention she lives in FL and he in Philly. She of course met him when she lived in Philly. It was a curious relationship, she on one hand complaining about him yet calling him two or three times a day. They might see each other twice a year, the last time at a wedding we all attended in June. Clearly there was a lot of affection.

Jim died yesterday. Mom talked to him twice and he was in the best spirit and voice than he had been since being hospitalized two weeks ago. On her third call no one answered. She soon learned he was in ICU and then not 30 minutes later he died. Ironically she was flying up there today to attend a family reunion this weekend and then spend two weeks with Jim. We joked that they would never last the two weeks. Now she only wishes that she could have been there to see him.

Mom is an amazing woman and will be 87 in September. She is independent, still drives and is a very smart lady. But she has also endured a lot. My dad died 39 years ago. Her two younger brothers have passed. Many of her friends are no longer around. It is sad to see so much death and I can’t imagine being in her shoes.

I love her.

And I loved St. James. God rest his soul.