Resident Experience Part Two

I have contended that not every nursing facility can become a Green House, small homes that cater to residents where the home is primary and nursing facility secondary in the equation. I believe that traditional individual facilities can enhance the experience themselves. The new GablesCareCenter at the Boutwells Landing senior housing complex in Minnesota is an example.

The 108-bed care center is believed to be the first in the nation designed around the “Liberty” concept, which enables residents to do what they want to do when they want to do it.

Residents have autonomy over how they lead their lives ‰ÛÓ when they wake up and go to bed, when and what they eat, and when and how often they receive personal care. Every aspect ‰ÛÓ from design to services to technology ‰ÛÓ has been designed around the experience.

Nursing homes can learn a lesson and consumers can hold up this model as something that should be expected.