Changing the Health Care Experience Through Telemonitoring

A big push in healthcare will start to focus on prevention, stabilization of chronic conditions, coordination of care and self responsibility.

In this blog, the author makes a great case for the importance of technology to the patient experience. In this case telemonitoring. To quote:

“Telemonitoring, in and of itself, doesn‰Ûªt change lives. Telemonitoring is really just a 21st century biofeedback service. Remote monitoring combined with the ‰ÛÏjust in time‰Û teaching provided by our telemonitoring nurses give our patients the information they need to decide if they want to change their lives. Increasingly, our patients decide whether their chronic illness controls them or whether they, as much as possible, control it. Telemonitoring doesn‰Ûªt cure disease, but it gives them another way to understand the information that we, the healthcare clinicians, have been giving them for weeks, months, and sometimes, years. “

So telemonitoring influences behavior far more than verbal and written instructions seem to provide. Sure we know the regimens and instinctively know what we should be doing but when your compliance is demonstrated it puts it in a different perspective.

Lesson for readers, our caregivers and elderly – embrace technology.