Leadership Must Change if Person / Patient Centered to take Root

I have been blogging a lot lately about why patient centered care and person centered care have not taken firm root. Readers of the blogs came back to one systemic issue – leadership. A couple of recent Harvard articles might hold the answer to the leadership question. The article, Are You Ready to Manage in an Irrational World? is a primer for the second entitled Leadership in a (Permanent) Crisis.

Here are three shifts I see taking place:

1. From Play Caller to Context Provider
The new leadership calls for people to help paint a picture and create a context .
2. From Check Lists to Collaboration
New leadership style must embrace staff empowerment, collaboration and shared problem solving.
3. From I Have to Do It to I Want to Do It
Fundamental shifts come from self-driven authentic change by empowered people. When you are passionate about something, where you have come to a belief for yourself, when you understand the bigger picture, change happens faster. You change because you want to change.

Are you one of the new leaders? Whether you are running a hospital or a nursing home or a marketing department, you can step forward. Create context. Paint the picture. Remember the ultimate reason for why you do what you do. Then step out of the way and empower people to figure things out collaboratively.