Boomers Less Healthy Than Their Parents

This study comes as absolutely no surprise to me because as a nation we do not take care of ourselves. We are a fast food nation that is getting fatter. More proof that boomers are less healthy than their parents-researchers at UCLA have found that seniors aged 60-69 exhibited 40%-70% increases in several types of disabilities over time, while groups aged 70-79 and 80+ showed no increases in disabilities. In some cases, the older age groups had fewer disabilities than previous generations. This research forecasts the fate of boomers about to turn 60.

There is a perfect storm brewing. Health reform will give access to 50 million more people and those under-insured will start using the system again. Then add to that millions of baby boomers and prepare for a really poor healthcare delivery system.

Reform is not reform at all. It is increased access IF you can get in! Bottom line – self-responsibility. Yes there are some things genetically predisposed for all of us but if we do not start taking care of ourselves prepare not only to be sick but also to find it hard to be treated.

One more thing – it’s OK. Wait until Friday to start!