Fit Brains Aims at Improving Resident Brain Health

Emeritus Senior Living has partnered with Fit Brains, an online brain game site, to improve resident brain health at the companyäó»s communities. The Fit Brains games, which are offered on the Emeritus Web site, were developed by brain health experts and target five major cognitive brain functions: memory, concentration, language, executive functions, and visual-spatial skills.

Emeritus introduced the Brain Health Lifestyle with a goal of stimulating the brain on a daily basis in five key areas: physical fitness, mental stimulation, socialization, nutrition, and spirituality. The company is placing an emphasis on brain health education and will be teaching its communities how to incorporate the Brain Health Lifestyle into the daily lives of its employees, residents, and their families.

I applaud Emeritus for doing this though I wonder what they think of my earlier post regarding the effectiveness of brain games.

Source: Long Term Living Magazine