Medicare Competitive Bidding for DME Could Affect You

Medicare began its Competitive Bidding Program for Durable Medical Equipment at the start of the year.

This program puts forth new rules about obtaining durable medical equipment in North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Florida, Pennsylvania and California.

This Medicare web site can help you find suppliers, costs and equipment.
Check to make sure your current provider is still a Medicare provider. You may be able to continue renting your equipment from that provider if the provider chooses to be grandfathered in. However, the supplier may choose not to be grandfathered in and you will need to change suppliers.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding this program. On one side, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is trying to push down costs. On the other side, critics argue that there will be:

  • Difficulty finding an equipment providers.
  • Delays in delivery of equipment or services.
  • Fewer choices of equipment or providers.

And low ball suppliers, it is said will use inferior, lower cost supplies in order to make a profit.

Problems, concerns, and feedback about this bidding system can be lodged by calling a toll-free number, 1-888-990-0499, or by visiting this website.

Thanks to David Green for insight into this issue.