Boomers Lack Care Plan for Parents

As reported in USA Today, Home Instead Senior Care surveyed 600 adults ages 45 to 65, and found:

äó¢ 31% don’t know how many medications their parents take.
äó¢ 34% don’t know whether their parents have a safe deposit box or where the key is.
äó¢ 36% don’t know where their parents’ financial information is located.
I am not surprised. Even my sister and I did not pay attention to this until recently with mom.

As Jeff Huber, president of Home Instead Senior Care, told the newspaper, “It is not important until it’s urgent.”

In the survey, 49% couldn’t name a single drug their parents took. Then you add up multiple physicians, who don’t talk to each other either, and you could have a toxic brew of medication mismanagement on your hands.

Their recommendation from all of this: “having conversations and putting plans in place.”