IPAD Benefits Dementia Patients

So Easy A Senior Can Do It
Getty Images
One Florida nursing home has found that use of Apple’s iPad 2 rejuvenates memory, motor and social skills of the facility’s dementia residents.

Health Central Park, located in Winter Garden, FL, has seen its memory care residents become more engaged in activities and interact more with other residents and visitors, The Orlando Sentinel reported.

Staff members note that while other technologies have improved resident monitoring and safety, few tools have been as successful in getting residents to interact with technology. The tablet’s design is also well suited for older users who may not have the dexterity to use a mouse and keyboard required for other computing platforms, according to the article.

And that is a tribute to Steve Jobs. As Apple technology progressed, it is interesting to note that the manuals for products became smaller and smaller and then for the ipad disappeared. I mean you can still find them online but the point is that Jobs made products that are intuitive so much so that babies and now seniors have been documented being able to feel their way around them.

Thanks Steve.