Cirillo Named Channel Partner – Bringing New Solutions to Address Patient Experience

I typically do not write about my personal career here but this post I believe is important.
I have been selected Healthcare Channel Partner for CEO2 .
My passion is to improve healthcare. My platform of educated aging is what you read about everyday. This is the other side of my life.
CEO2 will help take my thought leadership around patient-resident experience and my real-world experience in hospitals, long-term care organizations and with boomers/seniors to another level. By partnering with CEO2 we can deliver systemic solutions to help healthcare providers change patient-resident experiences and sustain those changes. And it starts with individual passion and purpose.
I have been searching for several years to find a partner that could help bring the ideas I have written about to life. More than a patient experience solution, this is truly an organizational transformation process.
By transferring skills in both business acumen and people know-how, CEO2 makes people successful as individuals and as team members and the results are repeatable and sustainable for the organization.
My company Fast Forward Consulting will continue to do the work clients rely on. Only now that work will be inspired and fueled by a team of people who will bring fresh ideas into healthcare.
The attached release and backgrounder can provide more information.