Find a Parkinson’s Disease Exercise Expert Near You

The PWR (Parkinsons Wellness Recovery) Project is a designed to develop and expand access to a national network of Parkinson Disease (PD) exercise experts and community-based centers that provide early intervention and continuous access to research-based exercise approaches that target the unique physical, emotional, and cognitive challenges for individuals living with PD.
The project envisions a community where all people with Parkinson disease receive exercise intervention beginning at diagnosis with continuous access for life to increase longevity and quality of life such that end stage PD is eradicated!
Through the PWR! Academy they are developing PD-exercise expert training programs for clinicians and fitness professionals to increase the availability, quality, and standardization of PD-specific exercise programs that adhere to Exercise4BrainChange‰ã¢ principles of practice in an enriched (fun, social, engaging) environment. åÊ
Exercise4BrainChange‰ã¢ principles are founded on cutting edge research and their translation offers promise to delay disease onset, slow disease progression, restore motor function, and increase longevity and quality of life for people with neurodegenerative or neurological conditions, and for those individuals at risk for these conditions.åÊ
PWR!GYM‰ã¢ Centers are designed to develop community-based specialty neurofitness centers that specialize in early intervention, provide continuous access to PD-specific exercise programs, and perform longitudinal assessment and tracking.åÊ
PWR! NetWork seeks to develop a network-wide system for linking people with PD and medical professionals with the PWR! experts and PWR!GYM centers in their area.

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