Home Invasions – Keeping Elderly Safe

One of my new favorite magazines is called The Safety Report. In a recent edition it addressed home safety and particularly what to do to prevent a home invasions. While written for all audiences I think it is important that caregivers and elders heed some of the advice.

  • Install a wide-angle peephole in your door and always check before answering. Obviously do not open for strangers.
  • Some invaders pose as police officers or utility workers and dress the part. Call the police to verify that there is supposed to be an officer there. And utility workers do their work outside remember.
  • Resist the urge to be helpful if someone tries to say they need to use the phone. Tell them to give you the number and you will place the call for them.
  • A digital lock is the best kind of lock.
  • Besides deadbolts there are other devices that can be used to hold back people from coming through doors and windows.
  • Carry a cordless phone or cell phone to the door in case you need to dial 911 and have it on speed dial.