Archives: August 2012

The Granny Pod – Good Idea of Bad

This is reprinted from my Friday blog. MEDCottage also known as a Granny Pod is a mini mobile home that you park in the backyard, hook it up to your water and electricity, and it becomes a free-standing spare room for mom and dad. While introduced a couple of...

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Higher Levels of Purpose Lead to Better Cognitive Function

The Archives of General Psychology published an article in their May issue entitled ‰ÛÏEffect of Purpose in Life on the Relation Between Alzheimer Disease (AD) Pathologic Changes on Cognitive Function in Advanced Age.‰Û OK. Long title. But the short of it ‰ÛÒ research study participants who reported higher levels of...

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Vitamin D Deficiency Could Lead to Mobility Limitations

Elderly adults who are deficient in vitamin D are at a higher risk for developing mobility limitations and becoming disabled. Looking at the link between vitamin D and the onset of mobility and disability, researchers followed 2,100 men and women aged 70 to 79 over six years. Mobility was determined...

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