New Resource Provides In-Depth Research into Senior Communitiies

Anyone who has ever had to choose a senior living community can tell you how difficult and stressful the decision is. It is a ton of research and, depending on your familiarity with the industry, it can be hard to know what questions to ask. But I just found this great resource to help make the process easier. Silver Living is a new company researching independent and assisted living for seniors. The website is free, easy to use, and offers several features previously unavailable in the market.

Silver Living conducts independent research. They are not influenced by community owners, so the information you find there is presented objectively, written by experts in the field who know what to look for – not by a marketing department offering a sales pitch. The photos are likewise independent, with no editing or deceptive angles.åÊ

The price calculator asks a series of questions about the type of care you need and gives a good estimate of what your upfront and monthly costs will be at a given community. This is a great time saver ‰ÛÒ no need to call and visit a bunch of communities that are not even close to your price range.

Their tools allow you to define your search parameters to find exactly what you need. You can search for the price range, care needs, and amenities that fit your specific situation. If bringing along a pet or having transportation for appointments are deal breakers, you can narrow down the list before spending time on additional research.

Once you‰Ûªve found your short list of locations, you can contact the community or book your tour directly from the website. Overall, this makes it much easier to find a community that meets your care and budget needs without spending many hours gathering the info yourself. Check out Silver Living and let them know what you think.