5 Foods to Promote Brain Functionality


During the back-nine of our lives, we need to be conscious about what foods we eat in order to promote a healthier and less complicated lifestyle. The wrong kinds of foods can cause all kinds of problems within our bodies as we get older. However, the right kinds of foods can help keep our wits sharpened and reduce the odds of developing various mental illnesses that are usually brought on with old age.

1. Coffee –åÊIn a Finnish study, coffee drinkers between the ages of 40 and 50 had less of a chance of developing Alzheimer’s Disease later in life. There are some beliefs that it may be the concentration of caffeine within this popular drink which is more than beneficial to your health than slamming back a Mountain Dew.åÊAnother Finnish studyåÊhas provided additional grounds that coffee can help prevent liver disease especially in those who consume alcohol.

2. Spinach –åÊAs spinach is rich in various vitamins and minerals, it is an excellent food to eat for a variety of purposes. A half of a cup of cooked spinach produces three times the vitamin K your body needs during the day. While some of us prefer not to have this slimy green goop on our plates, it is one of the healthiest foods you could possibly eat. Even uncooked spinach as a salad, which is far more palatable to a large portion of the country, can provide lasting effects if eaten daily.

3. Fish –åÊNearly every diet under the sun includes fish, and for good reason. Fish is low in calories and saturated fats, but is a great source of needed proteins for the body and brain. Among some of these that can promote protection against Alzheimer’s and promote higher brain power is salmon. The omega-3 fatty acids within this delicacy to many is one of the most prolific for providing health for your brain. Loaded with docosahexaenoic acid, salmon gives the eyes and brain the fatty acids that are needed to promote development. Instead of chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner tonight, why not have Salmon and a spinach salad?

4. Carrots –åÊThese orange roots are full of vitamin A. The beta-carotene contained within carrots promotes eyesight which is greatly beneficial to those who are seeing the effects of old age. As beta-carotene is converted in the body to vitamin A, those who consume carrots and other anti-oxidants have a reduced chance of developing Alzheimer’s Disease and promoting higher brain functions.

5. Berries –åÊAnother food product that is on the list for nearly every diet are berries. Eating berries and grapes helps by providing a great deal of anti-oxidants to the brain and can improve spatial memory. According to CNN, volunteers for a study by the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine improved memory and learning skills after drinking Concord grape juice regularly for three months.

Regardless of how old you are, it is always best to practice good eating habits. Sitting at your desk all day and pounding down Pringles is not going to help your physical or mental health. You would be wise to include healthier choices in snacking and meals as time marches on. As we are what we eat, a healthy diet is the corner stone of living well.

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