Forget the Mandate. Educate.

baby boomer health educationHere is an excerpt from my HealthWorks Collective blog in which I ask people to consider that healthcare reform is the least of our worries. Aging and preparing for it, on the other hand are.

åÊAs a country we are far too obsessed over health reform. Health reform has to do with just a slice of the healthcare picture. It is about access to health insurance and physician and hospital care. And now a key mandate of reform has been extended so employers have an additional year‰ÛÓuntil Jan. 1, 2015‰ÛÓbefore reporting requirements mandated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act go into effect.

Many of you may have read my posts that HealthWorks Collective is gracious to share with you. I have a burning platform that I am passionate about and I call it Educated Aging. This is the notion that people need to prepare for aging issues sooner in life in three areas ‰ÛÒ physical health, financial health and emotional health.

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