Time Passages

The following is a guest post from Dorothy Robinson.
Doro as she prefers to be called is from Canada, and has written many articles about life‰Ûªs moments. Now well along into her senior years, she savors the richness of life in each day, and often sees a good story in what may just seem ordinary. Her attitude is summed up in the French expression ‰ÛÏLa joie de vivre‰Û, the joy of life. åÊåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊ

Where have all the years gone we hear so many seniors reflectively ask. Except for a few that were particularly challenging or for some reason special, they tend to blend together.åÊ Time has moved forward and carried us along with it; and all too suddenly we find we are living the golden years. åÊAs one senior said ‰ÛÏIf I‰Ûªd have known I was going to live this long, I would have looked after myself better!‰Û

Arriving at the senior years is interesting and challenging to say the least.åÊåÊ The famous comedienne and interviewer Art Linkletter once coined a phrase which epitomizes the aging process.åÊ He said, Getting old isn‰Ûªt for sissies. Although humorous this statement says volumes about attitude and how you cope with the changes that inevitably come. Keeping oneself in the game of life takes tenacity, courage, and being open to change. Topping this list is staying young at heart or as the French say it best la joie de vivre! The joy of life. Attitude and an appreciative heart can make such a difference.åÊ

A few years ago my mother in law Belle explained to me how she felt to be 94 years of age. She had just relented and finally agreed to a homemaker coming in to help her out in her apartment. She was still making her own bread and cookies, kept her nails manicured, and enjoyed a drink of Rye and seven up at 4 o‰Ûªclock in the afternoon. She explained to me there was still a young 18 year old inside; in fact there were all the stages of life tucked away, she had lived them all. When I took her shopping for a new dress, she emphatically made it clear, ‰ÛÏNow dear remember, I don‰Ûªt want to be looking at old ladies dresses!‰Û åÊNow that‰Ûªs what I call young at heart. Being content in her circumstances was very evident too.

In keeping with that theme, this is not about cold statistical facts on seniors. It‰Ûªs not about why people are supposedly living longer, or what medication works best for certain ailments. What it is though are some heartfelt reflections from different people who are there, how they feel about what‰Ûªs important and what isn‰Ûªt. It‰Ûªs mostly about expressing appreciation for the things in their lives things they‰Ûªre grateful for.

Here are a few of the quotes:

  • It makes me feel good when my kids respect me and that I have some wisdom to share with them.
  • I don‰Ûªt live by the clock so much anymore; but I try to make the days count.
  • My coffee break with my wife now goes from 9am to 11.
  • I appreciate my friends who put up with me, so I try not to be critical of others.
  • I have been with both smart people and kind ones, but I prefer being around kind people. If some don‰Ûªt like me it‰Ûªs none of my business.
  • It‰Ûªs a good thing the future comes to us just one day at a time, that‰Ûªs about all we can handle.
  • I come from a time when your handshake was your word. I still feel that way.

Yes, being a senior is certainly a very interesting time of life. With Appreciation and gratitude, we can make our days into more pleasant ones, not only for ourselves but others too.