Make Educated Aging Decisions By BEing Informed. New Website Can Help

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As a healthcare marketer passionate about aging issues, I continually stress that the experience of care IS the marketing for senior care providers. Part of creating a great experience is making sure your web and social media presence are about educating people not selling. These platforms say a lot about an organization, its culture, and what you might expect should you seek its services., a non-for-profit operator of seven senior living communities in southern California, seems to understand this. In launching their new web site, they have created an experience and more importantly a resource that can benefit caregivers and their older loved ones looking for senior care services.

More than 150 articles educate readers on diverse topics ranging from understanding long-term care insurance to helping parents find senior living. You don’t have to live in southern California to benefit from the knowledge! The site uses compelling photos, and short narratives to guide you through the decision process from knowing when its the right time to choose senior living to the nuances of financing it.

This blog continually reinforces the need to prepare for your aging sooner in life – physically, financially and emotionally. How we condut our lives when we are young will very much determine how we age. And aging should not be addressed in a crisis as is typical in our society. Baby boomers like myself know the full responsibility of caring for elder loved ones. I am primary caregiver to my 93-year-old mom, Philomena. And while it was the passing of my sister that hurdled me into this role, it was my knowledge that helped me succeed in it. And that is why consumers and professionals should check out the resources on this site.

The site includes printable guides to take onsite to a senior living community, quizzes and resources to think through options, and videos and photos to gain a behind-the-scenes peek at community life. I wish I had these when looking for a community for my mom.

I could relate well to the video on the web site that speaks about the dining experience. Mom is living in a wonderful independent community; however, the biggest complaint is the food. She avoids dinner particularly and that is not just bad for her nutrition (she eats yogurt in her room) but for her socialization as well. The video brings this point home. And it says a lot about the culture of caring at the

There are still negative connotations associated with senior care and people cling to the idea of living at home forever. Yet living at home alone can be detrimental on many levels. As a boomer, I will kick and scream my way out of the house I live in but I will also be prepared with choices should I need to make a move. You should BE to.

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