Transport to the Polls

Here is a partial list of places offering free transport to polling places either on election day, during early voting or both:

  1. The Mecklenburg County Coalition is providing rides to the polls throughout all early voting. Request transport using this online form.
  2. Go to and request a ride or call 888-482-7353.
  3. Democracy NC and the Forward Together Movement has a campaign “Souls to the Polls” that includes assisting people to the polls during early voting. This is a non-partisan campaign, unaffiliated with any party. Contact – 1-888-OUR-VOTE.
  4. Ride to Vote NC has a Facebook page but not much current information –
  5. An email response from Uber indicated that they would not be offering any assistance.
  6. Lyft did not respond to our inquiry so you may want to check with them.