Walkapocket – a Better Waist Pack

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Walkapocket – a Better Waist Pack

(A colleague Cathy Larrick, brought her product, a better version of a waist pack, to my attention and I thought it was worth sharing with our readers. She tells you about it below.)

I designed Walkapocket to be simple, effective and modern. To carry necessities and leave your hands free: a slimmed down version of past fanny packs. Worn under or over clothing. It is nice not to have anything around your neck or shoulders.

Walkapocket is made from a performance, abrasion resistant, durable fabric. Very light weight, washable and quick dry. Walkapocket comes in 4 sizes, stretches just enough to comfortably hug your body. It stays in place; you do not know it is on.

AND…this waist pack is made in the USA

A “paper pocket” is included to hold credit card, ID and cash separate from phone.

My customers who are active, older adults tell me they are happy to have found something so convenient to wear around or just below their waist. They tell me they are in the habit of grabbing their Walkapocket every day to head out for a walk, walk their dog and have their phone at their fingertips. They tell me it makes things so easy when you have a walker or cane. No more leaving their purses in grocery carts.

Following is a quote from a customer living in a retirement community:

“Cathy — so nice to receive your personal note with my Walkapocket package. I recently bought a new and larger phone and have been looking for an easy and safe way to carry it when I’m not out with my large bag, as in going around my neighborhood, to the social hall, to a friend’s home. There’s not much out there! Walkapocket turned up in the search. It looks great, fits well, and I am looking forward to using it. It is slim enough to wear under a shirt.”

Mary then called me and ordered 6 more Walkapockets for her friends!

Purchase at http://www.walkapocket.com/

Or call the Walkapocket Senior Hotline: 215 493-2605.

Walkapocket is The Perfect Pocket Solution: never forget your phone, misplace your keys or forget your ID and cash again.

Walkapocket promotes walking and makes it easy for you to stay active. It’s a newer, better version of the fanny and waist pack.



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