WHY SHOULD YOU CONSIDER TAKING A Caregiver Cruise-Smilecast 60

Consider a Caregiver Cruise

There are 66 million family caregivers in the U.S. alone; 70% are female and 25% are Millennials. They suffer worsened health than non-caregivers and 40-60% report symptoms of depression. Some caregivers, like my sister, pre-decease the ones for whom they care.

Recently, my local church, through funding through my Rotary chapter, was given a sizeable grant to support their Monday respite program. To say they are bursting at the seams is an understatement.

Family caregivers love the time to themselves while their loved ones have time to participate in activities. But many of the caregivers stay and participate themselves. They love spending time with their loved one in a fun setting.

A caregiver cruise multiplies this by 10 – or maybe seven depending on how many days you choose! Let’s look at some reasons you might consider a cruise/conference.