Going on Holiday? Consider These Tips as You Get Older


How To Prepare For Your Holiday When You’re Over Sixty

Preparing for your holiday after turning sixty involves much of how you would have prepared in your yesteryears. However, there’s a little more to take into consideration like looking after yourself effectively and ensuring that the pace of your time away is slower and more relaxed. Just because you’re not quite as spritely as you once were doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your time away. In fact, traveling after retirement could actually be more enjoyable since you have an increased understanding of the way of the world, and you’re far more likely to have the cash funds to enjoy the finer things in life, like good food and wine. It’s a win-win scenario since your body’s ability to spring back to life after a night of sip supping glasses of bubbly leaves, well, much to be desired.

Staying Healthy

Before you travel away, you need to ensure that you’ve taken the necessary precautions to boost your immune system in the run-up to your trip. You don’t want to spend any of your time away nursing a virus in bed so be sensible and practical and follow these suggestions for keeping in tip-top shape. Aim to drink superfood smoothies with a healthy dose of fresh ginger, take vitamin supplements specially formulated for seniors, and engage in regular exercise for about thirty minutes a day. It’s likely that you’ll be requiring some preventative injections before your travels, so book an appointment at a clinic nice and early and have these done. You can find welcoming and reliable travel vaccination clinics in London so get yourself along to one of these locations and relax in the knowledge that you’re armed against disease.

Essential Packing

Make a detailed list of what you need to pack, be thorough and think carefully about what you’ll be indefinitely needing. If you’re currently taking prescribed medication, then consider getting a pill box to sort and store your daily pills and tablets. These helpful boxes list the days of the week so you can place your medications in each pill draw instead of carrying a handful of paper and cardboard packaging around with you. You’ll also want to pack as lightly as you can to save lugging heavy bags around with you, so remember that every little helps and make your holiday that little bit smoother. If you’re flying, don’t forget to wear your heaviest items of clothing on board and pack your other, lighter clothes away.


You should be packing items that will ensure you stay comfortable while you’re away, so think from your head to your toes and pack accordingly. Think of your feet, and take durable and comfortable shoes, also take some orthopedic insoles with that will support the arches of your feet, this way you’ll stave off a backache and pains while ensuring that you’ll be able to walk further, and thus, seeing more on your holiday. Pack an opaque eye mask for the flight, some ear plugs for the inevitable whirring of the plane’s engine and the hubbub of the departure lounge, and also a neck pillow.