Is Cost Preventing You from Getting a Medical Alert System? Here’s Help!

medical alert system

Coverage for a Medical Alert System

Caring for the elderly requires research and knowledge to provide the best assistance possible. As much as we do to prevent injuries or falls, they can happen. That’s why it’s best to be prepared – and to know what care options are available.

There are many resources available to family caregivers and their loved ones. One option many find valuable are a medical alert system, because of their ability to keep seniors safe and independent. With just a push of a button or a triggered fall these devices ensure that the user is protected in case of an emergency.

With this device, on call emergency response and constant health monitoring come at a cost. So, when you are shopping around for the right medical alert system – keep in mind budget. One thing to consider as well is whether your health insurance plan covers alert systems. Unfortunately, most insurers do not find them to be “rehabilitative or habilitative service”, meaning they are commonly not covered.

Medicare and Medicaid on the other hand are more open to covering the costs of medical alert systems. You will find some Medicare Advantage plans as well as select categories of Medicaid programs will consider it.

Your best bet if you want insurance to cover a medical alert system is to have a long-term care policy.

One major benefit of long-term care insurance is that it helps seniors “age in place.” In other words, helping the elderly stay in their homes as long as possible – often covering the cost of “durable medical equipment.” That includes emergency response systems!

There are so many benefits to using these devices. Primarily targeted for seniors, this technology has been found to assist those who are prone to falling and at risk of a heart attack or stroke. It is also great for the peace of mind especially for families of seniors who prefer to live independently, knowing that they will receive the help they need in any situation.

Although the cost varies, and coverage is hard to narrow down, many still prefer this method to help regain their independence. Be sure to do your research when looking around to find the best device and coverage for your loved ones.