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Digital Life Cloud – How Cloud Solutions Can Save Your Bacon During Disasters

Digital Life Cloud could have helped! A half a year after the Napa and Sonoma wildfires, NBC Bay Area reported on the plight of a homeowner locked in a dispute with one specific insurer. Thinking they were on to something, they partnered with Telemundo 48 to extend an open invitation to meet other people in similar circumstances. Expecting 55 people to turn out to a church assembly, they doubled that and some.

When they asked people, how many lost everything, every hand in the room was raised. All their homes were insured by the same insurer. When they asked who got everything they expected from the insurance policy, no one raised their hand.

The insurer was requiring them to do a detailed, item-by-item inventory of the contents of their home in order to get 100 percent of their coverage. Forgoing the itemized list, they would reduce the payout by 25 percent.

They could not have made it more difficult for us to do these inventories as well,” Bob Cheal, a fire victim, told NBC Bay Area. They said the software they must use was glitchy and cumbersome.

A licensed psychologist quoted in the story says the inventory process can retraumatize fire victims as well. I can see why. It’s reliving the story.

The story ended with this piece of advice: “Do a home inventory, now. Take photos or video in every room. Document everything you own. Then, save those files to the cloud for safekeeping.”

Listen to how solutions such as Digital Life Cloud can save you in the Oops moments in life. Digital Life Cloud also allows you to capture the Ahh moments in life too – precious memories, photos, videos, life stories.

Digital Life Cloud – For the Oops and the Ahh Moments in Life!