Boosting Your Interpersonal Skills as You Age – Smilecast 185

Boosting Your Interpersonal Skills as You Age

Having solid interpersonal skills is vital throughout life, even as you age. As we grow older we are faced with an increasing number of obstacles that hinder effective communication. Communication disorders can affect people of all ages but are, sadly, more prevalent among seniors and may be categorized by a stable, recovering or degenerative course. Communication changes are frequently reported by older people. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) reports on a survey of 12,000 participants over the age of 65, where more than 42% reported hearing problems, 26% experienced difficulty writing and 7% struggled to use a phone.

Well-developed interpersonal communication skills can counter communication disorders significantly, highlighting the importance of acquiring and maintaining such skills throughout one’s life. Apart from focusing on strengthening interpersonal skills for the benefit of others it is imperative to also make the effort to invest in your own personal well-being. Finding a balance between the two will provide you with all the skills required to effectively communicate well into your golden years.