International Perspective Caregiving-Caregiver Smile Summit-Smilecast 194

caregiver smile summit

An International Perspective on Caregiving – Africa – Caregiver Smile Summit

We welcome JUDE KANU CHIBUIKE to the Caregiver Smile Summit. 

Caregiving is not a common term in Africa. No one talks about caregiving in Africa even though it is taking place on behalf of children, disabled and the elderly. Africans are yet to realise that anyone who is involved in providing care is a caregiver. Our experts happens to be a professional caregiver in Africa who saw the need to advocate for the people in his society who are incapacitated especially the elderly. Unfortunately, the journey has not been easy as so many factors affect the job or caregiving in Africa – from cultural believes, government neglect, caregiver burn out, poverty, security problems, and religious believes. Jude’s insights should provide a new perspective on caregiving for us in the U.S.

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