To Move or Not to Move-Tracey Lawrence-Caregiver Smile Summit-Smilecast 200

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To Move or Not to Move – Caregiver Smile Summit

In this session of the Caregiver Smile Summit we will discuss the right time to move a loved one.There comes a time in everyone’s life when the place they live no longer serves them. Human nature compels us to stick with what’s familiar, but that may not be the wisest choice. So what are the options? Tracey Lawrence, founder of Grand Family Planning LLC and author of the ground-breaking book, “Dementia Sucks: A Caregiver’s Journey – With Lessons Learned” will take us through the kinds of life changes that necessitate environmental changes. She’ll review the smartest ways to address change for the best possible outcome. From renovations, to assistive technologies, to hiring help, downsizing, exploring types of facilities, she’ll also talk about how to prepare for and finance your preferred transition.

Tracey is participating in the Caregiver Smile Summit. She is an educator, innovator, disruptor and entrepreneur. Her journey as a serial caregiver led her to create Grand Family Planning, LLC: http://grandfamilyplanning.comTracey shows clients the power of being proactive in light of the certainty that illness and death will be a part of every person’s life. She saves lives and legacies in a climate that lengthens human lives without regard to quality of life. Her team-based approach simplifies a daunting and complex process. Tracey’s book, “Dementia Sucks,”was published by Post Hill Press in May of 2018. It is available from Amazon and fine bookstores everywhere. She speaks professionally about the need to support family caregivers and the importance of advocacy for those who have difficulty speaking for themselves. Her topic is: To Move or Not to Move.

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