Dementia and Communication-Engaging Positively! Caregiver Smile Summit 203

caregiver smile summit

Dementia and Communication – Engaging Positively Enhances Lives! – Caregiver Smile Summit

Dr. Dan Nightingale is our guest on the Caregiver Smile Summit.

All communication is a form of behavior, thus, all behavior is a form of communication. In this session, Dr Dan Nightingale discusses how engaging positively with people living with a neurocognitive disorder can enhance this area of a person’s life and those supporting their unique journey.

Dr. Daniel Nightingale is CEO of Dementia Therapy Specialists (US) and Dementia Doctor (UK); Actor; Stand-up Comedian; who was Trained by Dr Patch Adams. He is the world’s leading clinical dementia specialist, world renowned for his pioneering empirical, published research in the use of hypnotherapy as a treatment option.

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