Reentering the Workforce After Caregiving

after caregiving

Reentering the Workforce After Caregiving

What happens after caregiving is over? According to a recent report from Harvard called The Caring Company, 32 percent of people leave the workforce for family caregiving responsibilities. Many are in senior management. While there is a lot of talk about leaving the workforce, very little has been written about reentering it as well. So, let’s take a look.

What You’re Doing Now is Important

Caregiving is a job in itself. Be proud of what you’re doing. There is no reason to apologize for what you are doing. Because caregiving is becoming so prevalent, when you tell people why you left the job market, they will understand it. Adults 55+ are the fastest-growing segment of the workforce and many have been caregivers. Stand up straight. You’ve done the right thing.

No doubt, reentering the workforce is hard and circumstances vary. How long you have been out of the workforce also impacts your strategy – three months versus three years.  Let’s explore some strategies.