Lisa Dinhofer is participating in the Caregiver Smile Summit

caregiver smile summitLisa Dinhofer is participating in the Caregiver Smile Summit

Lisa is participating in the Caregiver Smile Summit.

Lisa is a certified Thanatologist and communication expert with 18+ years teaching, consulting and coaching experience for effective messaging and situational management for: realistic expectations in the aftermath of traumatic events; death notification and employment termination; workplace harassment and bullying; abrupt change/disruption in the workplace; high conflict teams and  ‘living/non-death losses’ that include: divorce/custody issues, unexpected illness or disability, incarceration, substance abuse and foster care. Ms. Dinhofer is a frequent educator on resilience building for burnout, compassion fatigue, primary and secondary traumatic stress, vicarious trauma and horizontal violence. She is a seasoned educator within: healthcare, social work, mental health, law enforcement, child welfare agencies, emergency response preparedness, forensic and mortuary, clergy, Call Centers, non-profit and corporate environments.

Her topic is: Understanding and Coping with Non-Death /’Living-Losses’ as a Caregiver

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