I Wish I Knew Then-Lessons After the Caregiving!-Caregiver Smile Summit 216

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I Wish I Knew Then – Lessons After the Caregiving!-Caregiver Smile Summit

Kristen Cusato is our guest on the Caregiver Smile Summit.

Kristen Cusato spent 20 years as a television journalist, in New York, Texas, Connecticut and California. Her mother’s diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia in 2009 changed everything. Kristen moved from San Diego to New York to help her best friend – her Mom – on this difficult journey. Kristen served as a Regional Director for the Connecticut chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association while her Mom was ill, sharing what she was learning as a caregiver, and teaching people about this disease. Kristen will share caregiving tips, aha! moments and mistakes many can relate to. She realized several of these things after her Mom was gone, and is on a mission to share to help others through this process.

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