Strategies for Family Carers in the Workforce-Caregiver Smile Summit-221

caregiver smile summit

Strategies for Family Caregivers in the Workforce-Caregiver Smile Summit

Cathy Bollinger is our guest on the Caregiver Smile Summit.

Ageism is a combination of: prejudicial attitudes toward older people, old age, and aging itself; discriminatory practices against older people and institutional practices and policies that perpetuate stereotypes about older people. When stereotypes toward older adults are widely held, they take on a social truth that goes unquestioned, which impacts decision making. This is especially important for family caregivers in the workplace because when attitudes around aging are improved, business owners, human resource experts, boards of directors, leadership teams, and colleague will better understand and care about the needs and perspectives of older employees, and employees serving as family caregivers, resulting in age-friendly workplaces. We will discuss ageism and its impact on family caregivers in the workplace; resources to help family caregivers learn more about their rights; and what can individuals do to help employers, health care professionals, even family and friends improve attitudes on aging?

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