Elizabeth Miller is participating in the Caregiver Smile Summit

Elizabeth Miller is participating in the Caregiver Smile Summit

Elizabeth is participating in the Caregiver Smile Summit.

Elizabeth Miller is a wife, mother, full-time employee, family caregiver, author and Certified Caregiving Consultant. She obtained a B.A. in Journalism from Penn State University and has worked in the corporate IT and strategy areas for over 19 years. Elizabeth’s personal experiences caring for aging parents with chronic and terminal illnesses as well as caring for a sibling with developmental disabilities inspired her to create Happy Healthy Caregiverin 2015.

Through her consulting services, podcast, speaking and online community, Elizabeth helps family caregivers integrate caregiving and self-care with their busy lives.Elizabeth has been a presenter at the 2016, 2017, and 2018 National Caregiving Conferences. Her story has also been featured in Woman’s Dayand the Marietta Daily Journal. She is the host of the Happy Healthy Caregiver podcaston the Whole Care Network, author of Just for You: a Daily Self-Care Journal, and facilitates a support group for family caregivers called the NW Atlanta Daughterhood Circle.

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Her topic on the caregiver smile summit is: Proactively Preparing for a Caregiver Crisis at Work

Find out more about the Caregiver Smile Summitwww.caregiversummit.org