Long-Distance Caregiving Under Covid – Charlotte Today – 11/19/20

long-distance caregiving

Long-Distance Caregiving Under Covid

There are many challenges to being a long-distance caregiving. Covid-19 has made it harder.  Occasional visits that you used to have may have disappeared. So, what if friends and neighbors are now your primary eyes and ears? How do you assure that these relationships help to contribute to the quality of life of all parties?

  1. Pick the Team Beforehand. A colleague calls it your starting five!
  2. Who does mom or dad interact with on a frequent basis? Maybe you picked up on some of this from previous visits. Was it the neighbor next door; a member of the clergy; a student who has taken an interest; a dog walker; delivery person; a home care aide; a pharmacist; the postman(woman)? Let mom or dad tell you who they interact with and just as importantly, trust.
  3. It could be that there is no support network. That is when you should turn to church and volunteer organizations. I am on Rotary and we spent one Saturday sprucing up a senior’s yard. People are looking to do good and give back. Also contact your local Area Agency on Aging.