How We Approach Engagements

Phase One – Kickoff & Culture Assessment

This phase includes two stages: Understand & Define and Observe & Research.

  1. Understand & Define: Definition and clarification of project scope by the Aging Experience team. Team delivers: Project Scope Summary & Project Schedule & Deliverables.
  2. Observation and Research – Culture Assessment: This stage incorporates broad insights gathering and experience mapping and includes employee insight sessions, patient insights sessions, and other key stakeholder sessions including physicians and board members. Deliverable: State of the Culture Report.

Phase Two – Ideation & Testing

  1. Ideate & Co-Create: Ideation is the creative process of forming, generating, developing and relating ideas. Through the Ideation process, our team collaborates with yours to establish a Design Team and will facilitate Design Sessions to ideate and develop the improvement opportunities identified in the prior phase. Deliverable: Summary of Improvements with details from Design Sessions. We write a report that summarizes the improvement opportunities, highlights, scope and complexity (small, medium, large), related system, process, policy, technology need and implementation path.
  2. Prototype & Test
  3. Choose and Adapt
    After the improvements are developed in the Design Sessions, we will facilitate the testing of the improvement opportunities in real-life environments.
    Deliverable: Finalized Improvements Implementation Package

Phase Three – Implement, Learn & Adapt

In this phase, the improvements will be implemented. In addition, we:

  • Tie Patient Experience and Marketing Efforts Together.
  • Implement the Cleveland Clinic’s Heart Program.
  • Prepare and conduct leadership training.
  • Create an “Experience Day.”
  • Provide ongoing coaching.