Our Philosophy

Our team believes that the differentiator among patient experience firms comes down to a philosophy of approach and the value placed on building meaningful relationships.

  • Experiences impact everything – recruitment, retention, referrals, revenue, margins and quality. A recent Press Ganey study shows a direct correlation between better patient experiences and fewer readmissions.
  • Experiences impact the top and bottom lines. There are costs associated with value based purchasing as well as readmissions. But there is also a cost to incivility in the workplace, the impact of negative behaviors and poor communication among team members. You simply cannot ask staff to do more for the patient based on the recommendations of consultants or as determined by their own involvement in experience solutions. You must first address their own healing to provide the foundation for experience solutions to be successful and sustainable.
  • Better experience drives profits. In a study of 82 hospitals, a 1% improvement in the quality score resulted in a 2% increase in operating margin.
  • Transforming the experience is about being person-centered, not patient centered. So no matter whose experience you are mapping, it is not mapped in regard to role – physician, employee, patient – but in regard to individual needs, wants and expectations. Person-centered is holistic in its approach.
  • Success comes when there is an understanding that the experience of care encompasses all audiences (employees, patients, visitors, vendors, physicians, volunteers) across the entire experience across all settings. Engaging stakeholders from across the system from the start and throughout not only provides valuable input but also embeds the values of teamwork and collaboration into the organization’s culture.
  • Success comes from having dedicated leadership devoted to the experience of care.
  • Success does not come by chasing HCAHPS scores though higher HCAHPS scores are a byproduct of successful experience solutions.
  • Success comes from building an organizational culture centered on the person and creating a defining experience that becomes your brand promise and differentiator. Employees at all levels collaborate from the start. You make appropriate investments that have big impact. It starts with listening and gathering information on wants, needs and expectations and taking meaningful action on the insights. It continues with telling your story and recognizing the connection between the experience of care and the marketing of the organization.
  • Success in building a strong experience program means establishing a purposeful and ongoing process to measure and monitor actions taken, continually gather feedback from patients, employees and other stakeholders, and use that to continually revise and improve the experience.

As we believe our philosophy and approach are different and refreshing, so to is the value we bring to clients.

  • Principal Anthony Cirillo, FACHE is a thought leader in the patient experience field and has a Masters in Organizational Development from the University of Pennsylvania. He helped create the patient experience movement and the position of Chief Experience Officer in the industry. Having launched a Wall Street healthcare startup, he brings an entrepreneurial approach to the project that translates into out of the box thinking and creative solutions.
  • A partner in content expertise, the Cleveland Clinic brings the latest thinking and solutions around patient experience to the table.
  • A multi-disciplinary team of subject matter experts assures we bring the best team at the right time. Just as our proposals are customized so to is the team we bring to each engagement.
  • A realistic approach to costing assures we work together through project phases and tollgates to redeploy and reinvest based on what we have learned.
  • A design thinking methodology assures your people, facilitated by the our team, are engaged in designing and developing the solutions in an innovative, refreshing way.  This brings collaboration and energy to the organization and naturally improves employee engagement.