Brookdale Senior Living

“Anthony held the post lunchtime agenda slot at one of our national meetings. We were looking for a presenter that would energize the group in preparation for the afternoon topics. Anthony delivered with a heartfelt and entertaining performance.”

Justin Hutchens
Senior Vice-President & COO, Summerville Senior Living

Here’s what some of their
Executive Directors had to say:

“This was a good reminder that we are impacting the elderly’s quality of life in their last days here on earth.”

“You are wonderful. I wish I could do whatever you are doing – the stories in relation to the songs and the humor (love it!).”

 “Live life to the fullest. It was simple but so important.”

 “I enjoyed the program very much. Music makes you relax and be more receptive to the message.”

 “The material was a wonderful lighter side of an industry which is often times beyond serious.”

 “The program was extremely uplifting and inspirational.”

 “A great reminder of why we are in the industry, a humorous perspective of a very serious environment.”

 “Lots of fun and energy. A good use of our time.”

 “In the grand scheme of things we often forget it is the small things that matter most.”

 “I like personalizing resident care issues to operations.”

 “Wonderful, upbeat keynote speaker.”

 “Good, motivational and insightful.”

 “Thanks for an enriching, fun and relevant presentation.”

 Then there were simply: “invigorating and lively” “fun” “very energizing” “very high energy” “not enough time”