Word of Mouth and Social Media Consulting

Health care companies increasingly turn to us for consulting in social media and word of mouth. Anthony was named a Mover and Shaker in Social Media by the Social Shakeup.

Social media is an enabler of word of mouth but few health care organizations know how to use it. We do. But let’s keep it real. Research from Keller Fay shows that 93 percent of word of mouth takes place face-to-face. 93%! That means just 7% takes place online.

We help companies cultivate traditional word of mouth strategies
then amplify them using social media. And we do so while making
sure that the brand promise conveyed by these strategies matches
the patient/resident experience offered by our clients.
In short, we integrate multiple strategies to make
your social media come alive and attract attention.

Anthony Cirillo’s expertise in these areas comes from his own work in organically growing his personal brand

  • His blogs attract close to 300,000 page views a month, not including the guest blogs he writes for others.
  • His audience (according to Alexa) consists primarily of female baby boomers.
  • His You Tube Channel stands at 150,000 video views and growing.
  • His combined network of Facebook, Twitter and Linked In connections surpasses 10,000.
  • His blog, Educated Aging, feeds to:
    • ShareCare (a Dr. Oz site)
    • Life Goes Strong (an NBC company) and many more.

Not bad for one individual so think about what he can do for you.

Here is our approach.

Harley-Davidson, Saturn, Apple – these companies are known for having passionately loyal customers.  It comes down to having an emotional connection and strong bond between the company and the customer.

  • We help you develop and put in place strategic tactics to identify and engage brand ambassadors, online and off.
  • We deliver powerful keynotes to employees on their role in becoming ambassadors and creating ambassadors by delivering an exceptional health care experience.

Health care is something people do not want and may not need for years. Thousands of dollars are wasted each year on general mass media advertising.  Health care purchasing is a social process and an emotional one.  Often it comes down to the “experience” as told through key influencers. These influencers can be loyalists or protagonists.

We help you identify and engage influencers by employing strategies such as:

  • Continuously seek feedback
  • Give something of value away
  • Use the internet strategically
  • Bring together communities
  • Adopt causes
  • Deliver information in bit size chunks
  • Extend your brand through complementary products and services
  • Design and maintain strong customer relationship management databases

The result:

  • More market share and revenue
  • Less cost through wasteful marketing practices
  • Lifetime customer value
  • Emotional connection
  • Brand marketing by loyalists
  • Increased staff satisfaction, retention and recruitment

Here’s more on our take.