Imagine This….Real-Life Scenarios

When Barbara’s dad had a medical emergency and she was on a cruise, she was able to get the medical professionals her father’s information in a matter of minutes!

I was on a cruise with my family when I was notified that my father was being rushed to the hospital by his neighbor. Although I was thousands of miles away, I was able to send all my father’s medical info history, meds and doses along with the signed medical directive to the hospital. Yes, this happened in just a few minutes! Thank God a nurse friend had told me about Digital LifeCloud.

Jennifer helped ease the move for her mother-in-law by digitizing her precious photos so they would not be lost to her when she moved to a senior community.

When visiting my husband’s parents, I found my usually upbeat mother-in-law very sad and in tears. She started sharing with me the walls of pictures and family memories (including her parents, grandparents, sister, etc.) and said that she has accepted the reality of the upcoming move from their home to the small assisted living community, but she cannot emotionally accept the fact that all of this needs to be packed up knowing there is no room to bring them all, and once they are packed up her own family won’t be able to identify and learn about the people she loved. In fact, the boxes would probably be thrown out someday. That’s when it hit me. I told my mother-in-law I would come to her home once a week and video her explaining the story behind each picture so all the generations will have them along with a copy of the picture. I purchased a Digital LifeCloud subscription for her and we are in the midst of doing this. It has brought us so close and my husband is thankful. It has truly given both of my in-laws the ability to move with peace of mind. Thank you Digital LifeCloud!

Janet was not convinced of the value of DLC until two medical emergencies hit her then…

When my friend showed me the emergency video that convinced her to use her organized cloud service I envied her being organized but just never followed up to personally do it. Then I was hit with 2 major emergencies and found my life becoming a stressful mess. My friend calmed me down and got me started on Digital LifeCloud. I am so lucky because my emergencies were resolved, but now I am prepared for anything. It feels so good!

John used the tools and extra forms to make his family caregiving duties a little bit easier!

As a caregiver for my elderly mother, there were so many medications and medical information to keep track of. I am so grateful for Digital LifeCloud. It offers pre-formatted forms for me to enter her important information and it has a bunch of forms, including a Caregiving Tracking Form which has made my life SO HELPFUL while caring for my mother!

Super user and DLC team member Bob Hammer lives on DLC. Here are just a few of the ways DLC has saved him time, resources and money.

  1. His three-year-old laptop stolen from a hotel and police needed the serial number. The hotel needed a receipt for the original purchase and then issued a check for $3, 500. Bob had all of that on DLC.
  2. When going through the jewelry box, he noticed that a ring was missing. Homeowners insurance covered it because he could produce an appraisal that (of course) was filed in DLC. After deductible, he got a check for $1,600.
  3. He received an additional $1,000 off the cost of a new automobile. The factory had a “competitor discount” that he got because he could produce the registration for a car he owned previously> It was filed in the “Auto” app.
  4. His panicked wife calls at work because she received a “nasty letter” to return a cable box or else. It was already returned and the proof (UPC store shipping receipt as well as the packing slip) easily retrieved from DLC.
  5. On the road returning home from a business trip and he discovers wallet was left at the meeting just attended. No problem.all the contents of his wallet are scanned into DLC [under Wallet Contents].
  6. Indoor cat got loose, He needed to get hands on the cat’s chip id [“Pets APP”].
  7. Away for a major family dinner and daughter (host) lost a family recipe. No problem, even though the handwritten cookbook is 3,000 miles away, you can call it up on your iPad [“Kitchen APP”).

Susan used DLC to help declutter her kids’ room and in the process made putting things on DLC a family activity!

A few months ago I realized how cluttered my children’s rooms were. When I asked them to clean up I realized they had many letters, awards, pictures, art works, etc. that my kids didn’t want to throw out. Kids in this generation are so digitally savvy that I decided to buy a Digital LifeCloud account and set my kids up on it. I put a scanner in the family room and they are so excited! There is not only no more clutter, but they know everything in there to keep for life and can go with them when they leave home someday.