John Micalizzi – Crooning the Oldies

John is a professional vocalist / pianist who can sing in three languages – Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. He performs solo, with a band or as a DJ! With more than 25 years experience, he performs songs from Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole, Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr, The Temptations, Frankie Valli, Dion, Neil Diamond, George Benson, Ed Sheeran, Andrea Bocelli and many more. Have a song request. Email us! Please fill out the post-program survey found here - 

Senior Strength & Stretch-Age Boldly & Safely with Lisa, Motiv8d Trainer

Live strong, fit, sexy, and smart at any age.  Build balance, strength, and flexibility to increase physical function so that you can move better and easier with less discomfort and pain. This program is focused very specifically on increasing physical function. Exercise is the great key to aging. Therefore, every technique, every method, every exercise has been included so that you get to that goal. The Senior Strength & Stretch class offers exercises to: muscle strength & endurance improve joint range of motion core strength posture & breathing balance promote stress reduction increase flexibility & mobility HAVE FUN & be yourself! Tips for Class: Prepare a safe space for movement. Use a chair or stable surface if unsteady on your feet. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Bring water to sip before, during, and after class. Notify Lisa of any injuries or illness. Avoid exercising after a large meal. Optional Equipment: dumbbells (Suitable household items make great substitutes too!) hand towel exercise mat Please fill out the post-program survey found here –

Andrea Miller – “Singing the Swingin’ Standards and Love Songs”

Join Andrea as she for "Singing the Swingin' Standards and Love Songs from the American Songbook" Andrea Miller‘s voice has been described as soulful, sensual, hypnotic and endearing. In 2020 she became a Top 5 Finalist in the International Sarah Vaughan Jazz Vocal Competition. Influenced by Nancy Wilson, Sarah Vaughan and Stevie Wonder, Andrea is currently heating up the international jazz scene and radio stations. Andrea opened for the legendary Al Jarreau at many concerts before he passed including the Newport Beach Jazz Festival. She received a standing ovation and gracious compliments from Jarreau and his band and was set to tour with and open for him in Europe 2017, just prior to his passing. Please fill out the post-program survey found here –

Franko Semanko Makes Chicken Marsala

Check out this savory chicken marsala dish from Franko. Francis Semanko (Franko) was a runner up for Favorite Chef sponsored by Bon Appetite. He is an evolving chef, taking what he has learned from experience, in the classroom and in other countries while serving in the United States Army to craft exceptional dishes. He holds a true appreciation for culture and cuisine as it can be reflected in food. He attended Culinary Arts school over 24 years ago and has worked in Italian, Japanese, Korean, American Bistro & Eastern European restaurants and more. He has been catering 15 years.  He has served in Hilton Hotels & Marriott chains as a chef as well. Please fill out the post-program survey found here –

Teatime Tunes’ with Glenn Bassett (aka ‘My Mate George’)

Glenn is from London, UK. He sings and plays guitar. 'Teatime Tunes' is all about joining in and singing along (and maybe having a nice drink and snack too). Glenn has a repertoire of over two thousand songs from a variety of genres, and the audience can choose the setlist! Sinatra or the Stones, Elvis or Abba, Sam Cooke or Jim Reeves, Doris Day or Bob Marley, Glenn always plays to get people dancing, singing and laughing. There are no headsets or microphones -- Glenn creates the feel of sitting in the same room and enjoying each other's company. Chatting, joking and reminiscing are an important part of his live sessions. It's all about atmosphere and mood. As Maya Angelou said: "People never forget how you made them feel." To see Glenn in action, go to where you will find plenty of his recorded Teatime Tunes, one for each day of the year!. Please fill out the post-program survey found here –

Guided Reflective Music Listening with Ines Delgado

Guided reflective music listening: Discovering ourselves through music Note: Throughout this activity, Ines will be encouraging you to reflect on one or two questions related to each piece of music that she is playing. She personally likes writing some notes as she does these reflective listening activities - so she has made a Personal Guide which contains all the questions, as well as empty spaces for you to make notes. You can download your guide here in pdf format or Word format alternatively, you can just have a pencil and a notebook Introduction Join me in this guided reflective music listening, where I will be inviting you to reflect about yourself, explore your feelings and notice your thoughts, as I play a variety of music pieces on my violin. As we explore the various music pieces together, I will introduce each piece and suggest a question or a thought for you to reflect on. Our aim is to allow our minds to be embraced by the music and, in that safe space, allow our thoughts to emerge natural and spontaneously.  This is an activity which I love doing myself, in my free time, and I am very happy to be sharing this special, reflective moment with you. Who is this guided reflective music listening experience for? Anyone who understands the importance of self-reflection and self-knowledge, or who is curious to know more about it. Anyone who is curious to feel how music can inspire and deepen our moments of reflection […]

Jessa Liversidge, Singer and Singing Leader from the UK 

Join Jessa for an uplifting journey of song, as her soothing and heartfelt voice takes you through a wide range of musical styles. From traditional folk songs and classic pop such as ABBA, Carole King and The Carpenters to musical theatre hits, Jessa will have you humming and singing along with her infectious enthusiasm and warm personality. Her ability to layer songs and harmonies together live adds another dimension to the session, creating catchy medleys in several parts for you to sing along with- or just relax and enjoy listening to! If you have a favourite song,  Jessa can include it in the session given a little notice. Email your request. Please fill out the post-program survey found here –

Science for Seniors – The Mystery of the Ocean Life w Gloria Hoffner

Live Stream

Science for Seniors provides real live science in a fun setting! Ocean life explains where did the water come from; why it is salty; what is the largest creature etc. Fun fact - Ladies never date a shark because they are all one night stands. To initiate mating male sharks bite the fin of the female and pull her down in the water mating during the process. She responds after mating by twisting loose, knocking a few of his teeth out and swimming away never to see him again. Female sharks lay eggs or give birth to the egg sacks and swim off. No female shark ever sticks around for 2 a.m. feedings or makes cupcakes for the children's school bake sale. Sharks are not fish. They do not have a swim bladder as do fish. Instead, sharks float due to the oil in their liver. Here is an experiment to explain how. Experiment: How do sharks swim? Materials: Empty paper towel tube, scissors, balloon, large clear bowl, water and cooking oil. Process: Cut the paper towel tube into two equal parts. Fill the bowl with water. Place one paper tube on the top of the bowl of water and observe. Remove the paper tube. Fill the balloon with cooking oil and tie shut. Place the filled balloon into the second paper tube. Place the paper tube on the top of the bowl of water and observe. Result: The tube of paper fills with water and sinks, but the tube […]

Tom Padovano’s Clean Comedy Show

Tom Padovano will be performing a clean comedy show.  He's performed on cruise ships, at senior facilities, comedy clubs, private parties, conventions, and places beyond description. He's sold over 1,000 jokes to various comedians, including Rodney Dangerfield, Joan Rivers and Phyllis Diller.  He's even sold jokes to ventriloquists, or is it to his dummies?   :-) Please fill out the post-program survey found here -

Painting Sunflowers with Lia Miller

There’s beauty across the life span. Inspired by Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers Gone to Seed,” Lia Miller will provide a short tutorial on acrylic painting on canvas. She will demonstrate Impressionistic techniques and use vibrant yellow’s while sharing information about Van Gogh’s most famous series. Materials needed: Canvas Acrylic paint (primary colors plus black and white OR medium yellow, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umber, cerulean blue, cadmium red, black and white) Palette Round Brush (size 4 or 6) Flat Brushes (1/4, ½ and ¾) Water Towel or paper towels Lia is the Co-founder/Executive Director of Creative Aging Network-NC. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in video from Savannah College of Art & Design in 1990. She worked as a videographer, editor and digital artist for about 10 years before changing careers to work with older adults. In 2008, she co-founded Creative Aging Network-NC to enhance healthy aging through meaningful lifelong learning in the arts. In addition to developing and teaching visual arts classes, she works to advance the field of creative aging for healthcare staff, artists, older adults and those closest to them through programming, training, conference presentations, and consultations. Please fill out the post-program survey found here –   

Anthony Cirillo – By Request

Anthony Cirillo fell into a mission for elders when he started performing in senior communities. And he still sings for seniors. He also does performances for all ages. With a repertoire of some 1,000 songs, Anthony can do a Mitch Miller sign-along, a Woodstock party, or move right into today with Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Kenny Chesney and any number of artists. Want to request something? Check out our song list here: Please fill out the post-program survey found here –