John Van Beek – A Heart for Seniors with Songs We Can’t Forget

John Van Beek – A Heart for Seniors and Songs We Can’t Forget

During his 20-year stint in a retirement home maintenance department, John Van Beek came to the realization that he enjoyed performing music for the residents far better than snaking Depends out of the plumbing! Having been likened to a cross between Frank Sinatra and Fred Rogers, he aims to put listeners at ease with familiar music they may have grown up hearing around the house. A vocalist and guitarist, his classic pop tunes from the 1920s through early 1960s are performed 60 times a month (pre-pandemic) to rave reviews.

John is busy in the Portland, Oregon metro area. Now you can catch some of his fun via ZOOM performances.

“Whether we live in, work at, or manage a senior living community of any size, we all desire an atmosphere of joy, a fulfilling and stimulating activities lineup, and shared moments of connectedness,” says John. Music We Remember is the preferred provider for many adult care homes, memory care communities, assisted, and independent senior living situations across the Portland/Vancouver area.