Judy Herman – Former Jeopardy Champ Provides Brain Training and Fun

Judy Herman – “BRAIN-tertainer™” – https://www.thebraintertainer.com

“BRAIN-tertainment™” is the unique blend of brain training and entertainment created by Judy Herman As a “Jeopardy” champion, she continues her love of “learning through gamesby creating and presenting a variety of word, observation and logic puzzles stimulating different areas of the brain – all designed with “fun in mind.”

She entertains groups large and small with lively audience-participation brain “Trainer/teasers.”  She educates with practical memory strategies and recall techniques.  Her quick sense of humor, relatable stories and engaging personality make Judy an in-demand motivating speaker.

Since 2005, Judy has engaged, entertained and encouraged residents in senior communities to keep their brains active by conducting monthly “All Aboard the Brain Train ™” classes. She also provides 1 to 1 coaching sessions, personalizing puzzles and creating content customized for individual tastes and abilities.

Judy Herman’s vision – and passion – is to motivate active adults and savvy seniors to increase competence and gain confidence in their cognitive abilities through novel neurobic” activities. That’s “BRAIN-tertainment!™”