Lisa Rehburg – President, Rehburg Life Insurance Settlements

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Lisa Rehburg –

Lisa Rehburg is President of Rehburg Life Insurance Settlements, a life insurance settlements broker.  She has been in the health and life insurance industries for over 30 years, serving in executive roles at insurance carriers and field marketing organizations.   She is energized by helping clients benefit from unwanted, unneeded or unaffordable life insurance policies.  Her life changed, and her passion for life insurance settlements ignited when she saw a statistic that 500,000 seniors a year lapse their life insurance policies, walking away with little or nothing.  She started her company to help educate clients and sell their life insurance policy for cash.  As a life insurance settlements broker, Rehburg Life Insurance Settlements has access to many buyers, helping to  maximize the value for clients’ policies.    She is routinely a featured speaker at health care, fiduciary, financial, insurance and legal associations, to educate professionals about the solution life insurance settlements can be for clients.    She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance and a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Development.  She can be reached at (714) 349-7981,