Read how the book helped one reader.

Here is an excerpt from a letter one reader sent. I thought it was particularly relevant in that it helped this reader through a difficult period.

“The thing that impressed me the most was your understanding of the needs of the people in the places that you visit. This can only come from a lot of time spent visiting and speaking with these people, to allow you to understand that they are not only still viable members of society but wonderful personalities, the same as all of the people that we all interact with on a daily basis.

Your book has helped me, as you said it would, to be more open to alternatives to elder care and not be haunted by the preconceptions that most of us carry around.

I know that my wife and I will be able to move forward now, after reading your book, with more understanding of what to expect and new abilities to help my mother-in-law and, in the future, my parents also.

Thank you again for the book but, mostly, for what is in the book.”

Alan Williams
Charlotte, NC