Iowa Health Care Association Testimonials

You make me want to shine.

Thank you for your exuberance and for sharing your knowledge.

It was very informative as well as entertaining. Loved the music portions. Music is a stress release in itself.

Where can I find someone like him to talk to our residents for activities?

Interactive. It was good to get up out of our seats.

Great fun. Great fun.

Great presentation. Speaker was very upbeat and pertinent.

Outstanding! Positive! Upbeat.

Thank you for including God in your presentation today. He is where we find true purpose and true love.


Great information that I will utilize not only in my career but in my personal life. I am going to start 1st day by making a list of what I’m grateful for.

(I am going to) value things more. Quit taking so much for granted.

On your toes performance. Great interaction with audience. Makes you think outside the box.

It was funny and entertaining.

Easy, simple way to keep yourself a healthy caregiver.

High energy!

Very entertaining. Kept our attention.