Leading Age National Conference Testimonial

While attending your AAHSA session in Philadelphia, you asked us why we will pay $3 for a cup of coffee at Starbucks. The answer was that we are paying for “the experience.” After arriving back home, I met with staff and we started creating that “Starbucks experience” at our retirement community. My sales office now has
music playing softly in the background, there is a light scent of potpourri, we are working on better signage and we are greeting guests with a genuine smile and interest
in meeting their needs. Thank you, for helping us stay on track!!
Carleen Belton, Living Care Retirement Community, Yakima, Washington

There is a passion, which is truly evident in your presentation. You engage your audience and challenge them to connect with others. God Bless You!
Mary Jo Crutcher, Westminster Village Muncie

Anthony is a wonderful speaker, very interesting, very motivational.  (He) has a great presentation style. Clever!
Colleen Moran, Dunwoody

Thank you for your session. I am very new to board service and it was my first trip to AAHSA. I came away from your session with great info to share with my fellow trustees and staff.  Thanks for taking the time to prepare and present.
Jo Kline Cebuhar, J.D. author of Last things first, just in case…The practical guide to Living Wills and Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care

Anthony is charming! Wonderful charisma. (I liked the) stories and examples to support various points.
Jennfier Bowlen, GlynnDevins

Anthony’s personal side – he has lived and witnessed all his points. I will share this information.  I will live this style!
Susan Duffy, The Village at Manor Park

Very detailed and (demonstrates) why we must work to position a culture to obtain WOM!!

You’re Singing Rocks!
Anna Hughey, PCH

Great ideas and fun!
Dianne Campbell, Lincoln Park Village

Anthony showed that all staff at community are marketers.
Carleen Belton, Living Care Retirement Community

Entertaining and to the point.
Barbara Wizeszcz

(I liked the way you) changed up the seminar – singing, talking, interaction, speaking.
Cindy Wierwille, Schowalter Village

Attendees were asked for an idea they would implement:

  • Make a parking  space for those coming for a tour.
  • Reinforce importance of brand marketing to staff.
  • Develop more personal relationships with customers and
    admissions and improve how we present ourselves.
  • Dwelling on a positive focus of – “What is the experience you are having!”
  • Changing and improving the experience.
  • When I get back to work I’m going to create a “Starbucks experience”
    for each person that tours.
  • Meet with new hires to educate them on our services to residents
    and work on the experience they have at tour.
  • Making the tour an experience; telling staff ahead of time who will be touring and to welcome them.
  • Plan today for real business tomorrow.
  • Where the rubber hits the road – begin a nursing culture change.
  • We need to improve the customer experience.
  • (Having people understand) What’s Your  Job?
  • Focus on staff and how they can impact word of mouth marketing.
  • Better follow up (with family) post interview.
  • Suggest a blog to CEO.