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I fell into a mission for elders when I started performing in senior communities. And I still sing for seniors. But I also do performances for all ages.

It all started when I was 10 and my father decided that I should take guitar lessons. He had the idea we would go out and perform together. Well I hated the lessons of course and put the guitar aside. A year later dad died and that guitar was beckoning. The passion has not subsided. I went from the bass player in the band (that’s me at 14) to a full-fledged entertainer; at my peak performing nearly 200 shows a year for upwards of 20,000 people.

I have been entertaining audiences since 1971. My repertoire ranges from Frank Sinatra to Bruno Mars and everything in between. I have entertained in casinos and resorts, have one several Billboard songwriting awards, recorded in Nashville and have been featured in BMI writer showcases.

I regularly entertain in local venues, clubs and cafes. I am available for private functions as well.

I can also MC your events. As a frequent contributor to Charlotte Today I will be a familiar face to audiences in the Charlotte area,

You can find me on Amazon, CD Baby and iTunes. Check out the video on the right.

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Hi Anthony. Thank you so much for coming to entertain our group today.  You were absolutely wonderful and everyone enjoyed it!  We all appreciated you sharing your talents with us!

Blessings, Janet Urban, St. Mark’s Respite Program

Mr. Cirillo is a consummate performer and appeals to the delight of any audience – old or young. He has an excellent voice and is a professional entertainer that I would recommend to anyone.

Debra L. Snyder, Project Director, Retired and Senior Volunteer Program

Your music is such a blessing to our residents. They truly enjoy getting to hear music that originates from the time when they were growing up. He has so much talent to offer the senior communities. His humor brings joy to all of our residents. They smile and laugh at his jokes. They act 10 years younger every time that he comes to entertain them. Anthony really relates with the residents. The residents of our community get utterly pure enjoyment from him. His music takes the residents back to their past and makes them reminisce back into their childhoods. He’s even asked some of the residents to be part of his new book. This makes the residents feel very special and proud. Just the thought of someone wanting to know about them brings tears of joy to their eyes. Everyone here at Park Place Assisted Living feels very blessed and honored to have Anthony Cirillo as a part of the entertainment and activities.

Mary Valverde, Activity Director, Park Place Assisted Living

Thank you so much for the program that you presented for our retiree fellowship group at Sardis. The intertwining of stories, humor and song was delightful and very well received by our group. Thank you, also, for including some “audience participation” pieces, it was great to see our group up on their feet and I don’t think anyone there will ever, again, be able to hear the song “Rockin’ Robin” without a broad smile coming across their faces.Thank you for your fine program. Thank you, also, for your passion and commitment in your work as an advocate for older adults.

The Rev. Dr. Jane Brawley Fobel, Parish Associate for Older Adult Ministry

I want to thank you for making our recent event an outstanding success. Your love of older adults exudes from your being. While bringing joy to seniors is one of your goals, you also strive to make sure that our older adults are not forgotten. As one who works with seniors everyday I applaud you on your mission.  

You have been blessed with so many talents that you are able to teach life lessons to us using stories, humor and song. And in doing so you make others realize that our older adults are still living their lives and should be accorded all the dignity and respect possible. 

You made us laugh and think and our attendees left energized and with a great feeling about our organization. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others who want to make an impression on their audiences. 

James Lape, Vice President, Trinitas Hospital

Claire, Betty and I want to thank you so much for just an wonderful entertaining and fun performance. We were just delighted with your performance and the perfect balance of music and jokes. The evaluations that we received from the seniors ranged from very good to excellent. We had a great time and how perfect to end the event with your birthday song! Music and humor are one of the best combinations for fun and enjoyment and you have a great gift in bringing both to your audience with style. Thank you again, it was a great pleasure to meet you. 

Linda Bryant, Director of Senior Services, Hunterdon Medical Center

It can be challenging at times to find great, professional entertainment for my clients. Thankfully, Anthony is a hit. Anthony is one of their favorites. Anthony not only has a wonderful vocal ability but he truly cares for and takes the time to interact with each person. He always sings the favorite songs from their generation, evoking wonderful memories. Anthony has theme programs and plans songs around the theme, cleverly tying each song to the next through jokes and stories.

Over the years, I have seen Anthony’s sincere dedication to the senior adult arena grow. He visits communities in North Carolina and several other states. He recently released his first musical CD and his first book. His website is a great tool for information for the senior population.

Anthony is a tremendous asset to our activities program and more importantly an asset to our residents! Anthony understands the senior adult industry and actively works to educate others of the positives of this special time in a person’s life.

Marianna W. Herron, ADC, Activities Director, The Stewart Health Center

Our senior adult banquet on October 25 was a huge success, in large part, due to your wonderful program. I’ve had many people say how much they enjoyed your presentation. The variety of your songs, the involvement of the audience, and your interesting comments between songs all combined to make for a great program. We rate you a “10”. Hopefully, you can return in the future.

Mike Hendrix, First Methodist Church of Mocksville, NC

I want to tell you of my experiences with Anthony Cirillo. I first heard Anthony at an assisted living facility for a Mother’s Day celebration. I was so impressed with his performance I contacted him to entertain at my church for a special going away party for our minister and his family. Everyone that attended had a smile on their face from the time Anthony started his performance until he was finished.

Anthony not only has a great voice and wide range of materials but also has appeal to a variety of age groups. He really knows how to work the audience by being interactive and funny. His act is most appropriate for church groups of all ages. I hope you will share this information with those in your church who may be interested.

Miriam Beauchamp, Family / Adult Ministries, Sharon United Methodist Church

I want to tell you about a first-rate entertainer and superb vocalist, Anthony Cirillo. His music is such a blessing to our residents. They truly enjoy getting to hear music that originates from the time when they were growing up. He has so much talent to offer. His humor brings joy to all residents. They smile and laugh at his jokes. One resident said, “I feel like I am in a nightclub being entertained by Frank Sinatra.”

Anthony not only has a great voice and a wide range of materials but also knows how to work the audience by being interactive and funny. Everyone here feels very blessed and honored to have Anthony Cirillo as a part of the entertainment and activities.

Jennifer Cunningham, Activities Director, Wellspring