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Romney Wins on Style but Pay Attention to Health Care People

There is no doubt that Romney won style points last night. He was energized. The president looked tired. Romney sort of faked smile. The president more or less smirked. But that should not effect voting. The issues should.In my role here, I only want what is best for people to...

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Avoid Indiana Long-Term Care if You Can!

Indiana has opted not to participate in the federal program around nurse background checks. According to officials the state cannot afford its $1 million share. Under the healthcare reform law, states could apply for a federal matching grant of 75% of the cost of implementing nurse background checks, up to...

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Don’t Ignore Mailings from CMS to Seniors about Reform

Medicare beneficiaries have been receiving important information in the mail about the immediate benefits they may see from the enactment of the Affordable Care Act. The mailings outlines key provisions of the Affordable Care Act that are important for people with Medicare as well as members of their families. With...

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