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Good Lifestyle Behaviors May Enhance Life Expectancy Among Our Oldest

Encouraging favorable lifestyle behaviors even at advanced ages may enhance life expectancy.åÊ A new study of seniors age 75 or older found that participants who were active physically, mentally, and socially were most likely to live past age 90. Researchers found that active seniors lived an average of 5.4 years...

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Physical Activity Good At Any Age

In my Meaning of Life keynote I talk about eight things that I have learned from seniors about living an active, full, quality life. I use my 88-year-old mother’s schedule to show particularly how her ability to keep active and busy has contributed to her quality of life, still living...

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Warding Off Alzheimers

Applause to FirstBaptistChurch in Jacksonville, N.C. They were featured on ABC News last night for their fight against Alzheimer‰Ûªs Disease. During the week, some of the older church members, many of whom are well into their 80s, get together to exercise their hearts and minds. Congregation members take part in...

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